Mode Haysom Budget for the project



Owner of the project by Mode Haysom


BDO (formerly Kendalls KBM)

Owner of the project by Mode Haysom



The original offices for Kendalls KBM (now BDO) were designed and constructed in 1992 by Haysom Group Architects. Ten years later, BDO Kendalls returned to their original designers at Haysom Architects to provide them with new offices to last the next 10 years.

BDO has 11 departments with support groups which continually grow, shrink and sometimes merge. There was an obvious need for generic design to allow for interchange of cells within one level and between levels.

Flexibility, efficient space utilization, and a fresh timeless environment were key issues addressed in the design. All workers have access to natural light and views from their work areas. This was achieved by stacking offices back from the windows and taking advantage in the design of the truncated corners of the building floor plate.

The generic design for the work areas was developed to provide ultimate flexibility. Work cells can interchange within one level or between levels and accommodate the ever changing needs of the client.

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